Juggler Games

We create games for all platforms that we ourselves would binge-play for multiple hours. Our main focus falls on immersive stories, outstanding art style, and engaging mechanics.

Juggler Games was founded in 2016, in Warsaw, Poland, when the true veterans of the game dev genre decided to join forces. Our games were features at E3, PAX EAST and WEST, Tokyo Game Show, or Poznań Game Arena, among others. Currently, we are working on an epic turn-based roguelike and a shady crime city simulator. Click here to learn more about our previous titles.


Juggler Games is a real mashup of programmers, graphic artists, animators, designers, producers, and screenwriters but there’s a method to this madness! Meet the team and check out our favourite games!

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Learn more about open positions at Juggler Games! If after a day’s work of developing games you relax by playing more games, and you take life with a pinch of salt, Juggler Games is definitely the place for you to be!

Our games: